This is the list of all the attractive tourists hotspots around Bon Appétit Bar & Restaurant.

Aguada Fort : The Aguada Portuguese fort was erected in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas and it stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi River. A freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. This is how the fort got its name: Aguada = Water. Today the Fort Aguada Beach Resort sits where original fort once did. Walk able distance from Bon Appétit rooms.
Candolim Beach : Candolim Beach is the most peaceful and scenic beach in North Goa. Popular among western package tourists, Candolim Beach is 5 kms from the crowded beaches of Calangute and Baga. Candolim Beach is famous for its water sports activities. From Parasailing to Water Sking, one can do a lot of daring water activities here. Candolim Beach is also very popular for full day boating excursions to secluded islands or short evening excursions into the sea for a beautiful sunset view.
Nerul (coco) Beach : This was a conventional beach meant mostly for the Portuguese high officials who used to spend most of their time here in seclusion amidst the rustling of the tall coconut trees and the cool sea breeze before modern tourism actually came into existence. It is best known for it coconuts and wide variety of Sea food.
Arpora Night Market : Saturday Night Market is located at Arpora in Borth Goa. The market begins at five in the evening and continues till eleven. A large number of foreigners and Indians gather here to buy and sell their commodities. Even though the prices are very high, bargaining is also possible.
Aguada Lighthouse : This is another highlight near Bon Appétit Bar and Restaurant. It is also close to the Aguada Fort.
Sinquerim Beach : It is one of the oldest preserved beaches of Goa. Like the Candolim Beach it is famous for water sports activities. People love indulging in aqua sports likesurfing, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving and para sailing.
Calangute Beach : Under the shade of palm trees, bathes the Queen of Beaches-Calangute. Goa's Calangute seems to be a distortion of the local vernacular word-'Koli-gutti', which means land of fishermen. Some people connect it with Kalyangutti (village of art) or Konvallo-ghott (strong pit of the coconut tree) because the village is full of coconut trees. With the advent of the Portuguese, the word probably got distorted to Calangute, and has stuck till today.
Mapusa Friday Market : is a major market in Mapusa, North Goa and a major tourist attraction.It is located outside the Mapusa Municipal Market. Friday sees most housewives from Bardez and Tiswadi  descend on the stalls selling a staggering variety of local produce brought in by farmers and small entrepreneurs from all over Goa, to sell directly to the consumer. The market winds up by dusk and Mapusa quickly gets back to normal, until the following Friday.
Anjuna Flea Market : Located in the heart of the 'backpackers' scene, the Anjuna flea market is the place to be on Wednesday's in Goa. A beach town situated off the North of Goa, Anjuna became the hide-out for Western 'hippies' arriving in the 60's. Finding their wallets empty but wanting to stay longer, these early travelers auctioned off their belongings from guitars to jewelry and jeans to their compatriots. Thus began the infamous 'flea' market at Anjuna.
Kerkar Art Gallery : is situated within Kerkar Art Complex. It features the sculptures and paintings of some of the renowned artists of Goa. Kerkar Art Gallery is one of the popular attractions around Calangute beach. It houses the art works of the upcoming artists of the territory. The gallery features the paintings and sculptures of Subodh Kerkar, an artist who gave up his career in medicine so that he could concentrate on art.
Newton’s Supermarket : Situated along the main road in Candolim, the Newton's Supermarket is a blessing for homesick Europeans who can avail of a large range of imported cheeses, chocolates, spirits, fruit juices and more stuff that is unavailable in other stores. They even stock copies of leading British newspapers.
Acron Arcade : Acron Arcade is Goa's first multi-brand store in an organized format. Acron Arcade has been retailing carefully selected premium brands in various categories including, clothing, accessories, lingerie, fragrances, footwear, personal care, leather, jewellery, watches, writing instruments, home furnishing, artifacts, furniture's and fabrics, for last six years.